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For more than 15 years, WILDLANDANCE has provided site surveys, educational services, and project guidance for a range of land-based concerns in Northern New Mexico, including Ute Mountain Biodiversity studies in the wild Upper Rio Grande Gorge (as shown above). We emphasize detailed observation and site characterization, ongoing mentoring and professional collaboration in every setting, extending opportunities for participation to all generations and cultural backgrounds. Previous contributions include many biomes, diverse forests, and several ecoregional studies, including more than a decade just a bit north, embracing the full reach of Rocky Mountain ecology.



Blessed to call our five overlapping ecoregions home for a lifetime, we expanded our ecological and educational services to embrace a Taos-based native shrub and tree restoration nursery. One small site provides many restoration examples, as well as a working agroecology location to match our tremendous land-based cultural context and natural plant diversity. Conservation-in-practice and field-based learning are critical to every effort toward our collective sustainability.

At WILDLANDANCE, "WELCOME HOME" includes field excursions and many collaborative gatherings, as well as classes in plant identification, wildlife habitat restoration, biodiversity seminars, and many events!

Come join the fun while sharing your knowledge and unique perspectives with our lively, dedicated contributors!

Through Rainstars Gallery  and community/regional creative arts festival participation, we have a growing portfolio of contributions, including original paintings by WILDLANDANCE director, Sylvia Rains Dennis.

Most recently on exhibit at the Millicent Rogers Museum in El Prado, New Mexico as part of an annual fundraiser/community gallery show: 

Detail here of River Otter: al Rio Bravo del Norte (graphite/pastel) by Sylvia Rains Dennis; framed with glass in repurposed fruitwood. Follow this link for the full image:

Show through February 28, 2021, with more information at:

In support of education and many gatherings, WILDLANDANCE has developed field kits to support plant identification, habitat studies, education, and wilderness safety.  While we no longer have a retail store, please contact us for information on the following (customized for select needs):

Field Kits
  • Naturalist
  • Student Naturalist
  • Bird Habitat
  •  Trail Ready
  • Pathways Plant Press
  • Rainy Day Camp
  • Earth Day Discovery

Planting Kits:

  • Restorationist
  • Young Gardener
  • Sustainable Gardener
  • Pollinator Enhancement

We will also help you find a range of field guides, natural science & restoration titles, regional & global biodiversity books, restoration tools, and creative arts.

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