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Elements:  water 

flow : bathe : float : quench : swim : soak : cleanse : immerse 

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Watery relations and being . . .

There are so many ways to express connection and

to observe and describe our liquid, mutual belonging: 

from studying cycles in the highest sleeve of atmosphere

to breathing dampness released by plants & all who respire


to infiltration into the depths of the earth while encountering

unseen flows. 


By way of honoring water, stories rise from every engagement.

  • thousands of tiny hatchling turtles leave sandy nests to greet the sea

  • the warbler arrives from her long journey to twirl in a basin filled by rain

  • the trout bearing two thousand roe uses her fins to follow the channel bottom toward the last pool, flips sideways, settles and leaves her eggs

  • the lakeshore lapped by rising water disappears among rock sentinels

  • glacial remnants roll into the riverine, become polished stone spheres traveling mountain valleys

  • the tinaja on a sandstone outcrop caught the storm's memory in a bowl where fairy shrimp, plovers, and bats find sustenance

  • the rivers braid from headwaters, weaving in convocation toward the ocean

  • sometimes the greatest sea mammal remains beached along the waterline of its belonging, carrying marine songs

  • the heron stiltwalks into the estuary from a marshworld gathering salt

  • the many-branched belowground toes of mushrooms seek moisture among the pores of soil, meeting invisible friends

  • the hurricane changes the cliff-face as an ocean's tongue licks the rocky headland 

  • dense fog rises from the misty muskeg, forming a sheath upon the boreal world

  • several days every year the prairie pothole tells moon-tales to the reborn wetland

  • water etches patterns upon desert sand, touching everything

  • the sinkhole stares skyward, holding the fossilized toward the living turquoise pool

  • a waterfall becomes a curtain carrying travelers and leaping fish

  • the young elk dashes through a mudpuddle in wild abandon, his mother browsing willow shoots nearby

  • seeds awake after generations below dry plateaulands to sprout into a rare rain

  • frost fingers the margins of the ice shelf winter leaves upon the river's edge

  • the dipper dives upstream into snowmelt waters, her feathers pleated against the cold alpine current

  • the monsoon heals jigsaw-cracked clay earth where underground colonies emerge to wave antennae and forelegs at the curtains of rain 

  • pools reflect drifting clouds before droplets dance to mirror starlit kaleidoscopes

Human beings are more than sixty percent water, listening to liquid selves

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