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Biodiversity and Habitat Surveys


builds on extensive experience from more than 30 years of projects based throughout the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, Pacific Northwest Cascades, the Southwestern Basin & Range province and beyond. In addition to many years of ecological inventories, our director emphasizes the importance of ecological resilience through conserving our natural biodiversity, ecological sustainability, working with land-based peoples, and restoring to continue our path forward.

Educational Services

Messages to the Earth from a number of recent WILDLANDANCE visitors show the natural inclination to connect with our collective telling as members of a shared landscape and its many fellow beings, not to mention sky and water. We continue our mentoring and educational programs, including many biology topics, natural science courses, talking circles on biodiversity and restoration, and a full range of workshops, field experiences, gatherings, and tours.


Ecological Site Evaluation

Directed by a professional botanist, ecologist, and restoration consultant, WILDLANDANCE has a large portfolio of past and current projects, ranging from biodiversity analysis to landscape-level habitat studies and restoration. 


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